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The Northdale News is published bi-monthly by the NCA and  contains general information about the Northdale community.  It is used to inform members of upcoming meetings and events, discuss topics of special interest and present current news about Northdale.

If you would like to contribute an editorial, article or press release, please send them to:
NCA, Editor
3853 Northdale Blvd. Box 374
Tampa, Florida   33624
or by e-mail to:

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The Northdale News




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Advertising in The Northdale News


The Northdale Newsletter is now in ALL COLOR


The following low rates apply only to usable art in proportional sizes.  All ads must be in digital format.  Incorrect sizes or unusable artwork will involve additional charges.


Advertising Rates

Business Card Ad
Prepay for 6 issues
(includes 10% discount)

$  325.00

Quarter page Ad
(3 1/2 x 4 1/4)
Prepay for 6 issues
(includes 10% discount)

$  675.00

Half-page Ad
(7 1/2 x 4 1/4)

$ 195.00

Full-page Ad
(7 1/2 x 10)

$ 315.00

Inside Covers

$ 355.00

  Back Page    $ 395.00

(8 x 10 1/2)

$ 315.00


The deadline is 15th of the preceding month and you may send your digital ad to  or send a hard copy to Northdale Civic Association, 3853 Northdale Blvd., Box 374, Tampa, Florida   33624.  Please call (813) 444-3755  if you have any additional questions. Advertisers are asked to prepay their appropriate rate in advance.

You may prepay for one year and receive a 10% discount.


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